Friday, August 18th at 9:15pm

FlickIt! presents THRASHIN’
Valley boys take on the punk rockers in this 80s version of Romeo & Juliet — on skateboards. The Ramp Locals, led by Corey Webster (Josh Brolin), sometimes make mischief, but they’re mostly interested in girls and having fun on their boards. Notorious enemy crew The Daggers, led by Tommy Hook (Robert Rusler), get their kicks terrorizing the locals at Venice Beach. The trouble begins when Corey falls in love with Tommy’s little sister who has come from Indiana for a visit. The rivalry between the gangs culminates during the grueling “L.A. Massacre,” a 20-mile deadly skate race down a canyon road. The film features appearances from many famous skaters such as Tony Alva, Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi, and Steve Caballero. (1986, PG-13, 93mins)

This special event is a benefit for our friends at the Richmond Area Skateboard Alliance and is generously sponsored by Smartmouth Beer, Cardinal Skate Shop, and LeGrand Kitchen.

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