Friday, August 17th at 9:15pm

FlickIt! presents DIRTY DANCING
It’s Chick-FlickIt! time! We heard from so many of you at this past February’s Galentine’s Day event that you want more chick-flick shows, so we’re kicking off our first one with one of the best chick-flicks we know… Dirty Dancing!

In 1963, “Baby” Houseman (Jennifer Grey) is 17 years old and spending her last carefree summer with her family at a resort hotel in the Catskills before enlisting in the Peace Corps. Bored to tears by most of the older guests at the resort, she’s intrigued by a party going on in the employees’ dormitory and discovers a style of dancing that would get you kicked out of the senior prom in no time flat. She falls head over heels in love with the resort’s dance instructor Johnny (Patrick Swayze), and volunteers to be his new partner, determined to help him perform the last big dance of the summer. (1987, PG-13, 100mins)

With special Guest-Hostess Whitney Weireter!

A benefit for the League of Women Voters of South Hampton Roads. Sponsored by Coelacanth BrewingAW Shucks Raw Bar & GrillbottleBOXDoughminion Donuts, and Linda Daniel, REALTOR.

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