FlickIt! Fridays

Sometimes you just gotta say… FLICKIT!

Our Artists

★ Brooke Campbell is a digital artist and recent art school graduate who knows a fair bit about the art of animation and its history, and will talk your ear off about it if prompted. She also has a soft spot for horror. Find her on Instagram at @cambealriver.

★ Leah Damour is an art therapist and graduate of EVMS. She’s a self-proclaimed movie junkie with a soft spot for sci-fi and films with ambiguous conclusions.

★ Kailyn Dickason is a children’s book Illustrator and future Art Teacher. Check out her Instagram @KailynDickasonDesign.

Dwight Easter is a digital folk artist, family man, and bread merchant. Some of his best moments in life are experiencing the power and influence of great art.

Rob Floyd draws, sculpts, and wood burns movie related art. He and his wife, Phyllis, also host a bi-weekly cult movie podcast: Fantasmo After Dark.

★ Jacob Galito is the Art Director at Ario and occasionally draws. jacobgalito.artstation.com

★ Andy Harris is an art educator and artist specializing in food and weapon art. Check out his work at aharrisart.com.

★ Matt Harrison is the unserious person behind rootbeercomics.com.

★ Mallory Jarrell (aka ThatsWhatSheSaidART) makes a snarky line of art prints, greeting cards, and stickers – Not for the faint of heART!  www.bitchidothemost.com

★ Chris Kozak is a full time educator and a part time doodler. Find him at kozakology.com.

★ Sam Scheidler is an art therapist in the making. He enjoys art, books, and going to the Naro with friends.

★ Greg Steele draws Stoner Knight. He lives in Norfolk with Cool Alaine and Bippycat. He really wants us to show FACE/OFF one day, and makes these cool ad reels for our pre-show activities.

Shannon Stoner is a local artist who has been tattooing since 2007. Her dad raised her on John Waters movies long before she was old enough for them, so that explains some stuff. Shannon is not affiliated with Stoner Knight™️ in any way.

John Upton has been drawing stoned Garfield and stoned Bart Simpson on desks since he was in 6th grade.